Hi! So nice you would like to know more about me!

My name is Linda, proud owner of Nutrilin.
I didn't always want to become a weight consultant, that passion developed later.

I will tell you my story!

It all began with a text from my mum, where she shared a picture of the family BBQ with us. It had been a lovely day but when I saw the picture, I was shocked!
I was wearing a bright yellow dress and was at least 10 kilo's too heavy. The yellow colour put the focus on all of those places that I'd rather keep out of the spotlight.

I was aware of the fact I had gained weight that year but I thought it was not that bad.
Looking back, I know I was only fooling myself. Because when I think about that time I remember being short on breath whenever I needed to tie my shoelaces, none of my clothes would actually fit me and I was tired all the time.

So yes, that picture was a real eye opener for me! I had to make changes.

Feeling really motivated, I made a start. I signed up with Weight Watchers and took a close look at my lifestyle.
From that moment on, I walked almost everywhere, ate less calories and stayed away from anything that contained sugar. The kilo's kept disappearing! Within 3 months I lost about 12 kilo's. I was really getting there.

Until it went wrong.

Even when I had reached my goal, I stuck to my strict diet. I became obsessed by counting points and basically avoided almost all social activities to prevent myself from eating anything unhealthy.
I had lost a lot of weight and I was proud of that but in the meantime I had not become a better person. I was moody all the time, never satisfied with how I looked and food was constantly on my mind.

It had become an obsession.

It took a little while for me to realise, but eventually I did. Nowadays I know that being healthy doesn't mean banning out all sugar and deny myself of everything that I like.
Now I can enjoy food again, without having to worry about how many points this is going to cost me in the Weight Watchers app.

It is all about finding the right balance..

No crazy diets, no shakes, no meal replacements. JUST NORMAL FOOD.

At Nutrilin you won't find any crazy diets but you learn how to create a healthy lifestyle by making easy adjustments.

Are you ready for more focus, more energy and more self confidence?

Contact me and together we'll come up with a plan that works for you!



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